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In this section, we will list and explain some of the main terms we use in our program. This will help you understand what they mean in the context of our site and a quick overview of what they do.

If we have missed a term, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)

Computer-Assisted Translation, also referred to as computer-aided translation or machine-assisted translation or machine-aided human translation, is the use of software to assist a human translator in the translation process. CAT tools do not do all the translations but help translators with the translation process by allowing the use of previously translated sentences and other functionalities to speed up the translation process and improve the quality of their translations. text

Base Language

Base Language is the language your original content is written in. Having the correct base language set ensures that your translation memory saves your translations correctly in the language pairs. You can set the default base language on your profile or choose a specific one for each of your projects. You can always change the base language anytime if you need to. The default base language is English.


The Dashboard is your home page when you are logged in and shows you a quick view of some of the projects and tasks you have. The Dashboard also shows the progress made so far on each of them. You can navigate from the dashboard directly into a project or task to continue working.

.idml File (InDesign Markup Language File)

An IDML file is a file created by the Adobe InDesign program and represent a complete InDesign document. IDML files provide an interchangeable format for Adobe InDesign documents which allows third-party tools to modify and assemble InDesign documents.

My Translators

My Translators refers to the translators you have saved onto your profile for a language. Saving translators to "My Translators" allows you to add them easily to any project you are working on or a new project.

Pre Translate

Pre Translate is a function on our site that allows you automatically translate text in your project with matching translations you have saved in your Translation Memory. This function greatly speeds up your translation as it pre translates your project language instantly, allowing you to focus on the content not already translated.
Our Pre Translate function only translates empty fields, it will not overwrite or translate fields that you have started translating.


Each file or document you upload for translation is called a Project. A project represents a document or a piece of work that requires translation. A project can have many languages and many translation tasks assigned to it. A project can only have one main file or document.


A task is a project language that requires translating. A task can be accessed by both project managers and translators but is mainly used by translators. In the translator's view, a task is a request for you as a translator to help translate a document. A task can have many translators assigned to it. If you are not a project manager or assigned as a translator on language in a project, you will not be able to view, access or translate it.


Toolbox is used to represent the tools available on the task page or the page used for translating. More details about the items in the toolbox can be found here.

Translation Memory (TM)

Translation Memory is your saved sentences or paragraphs that you have previously translated and saved. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs and allow you to reuse it when you have a matching text to speed up your translations.

Translation Memory Exchange (TMX)

Translation Memory eXchange is an XML specification for the exchange of translation memory data between computer-aided translation and localization tools with little or no loss of critical data.

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